Rachel Cutrer

Keynote Speaker for Agricultural and Livestock Conferences

Are you looking to captivate, inspire, and educate your audience at your next agricultural or livestock-related conference? Look no further than Rachel Cutrer, a dynamic and experienced speaker who is ready to engage your attendees with her expertise and passion for the industry.

About Rachel

With deep roots in agriculture and livestock, Rachel Cutrer brings a unique blend of knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm to the stage. As a renowned figure in the agricultural community, Rachel is dedicated to sharing her insights and empowering others to thrive in this dynamic industry.

Presentation Topics

1. Marketing Rural Brands

Unlock the secrets to effectively market your rural brand and reach your target audience.

2. Sharing The Agricultural Story To Get Results

Crafting compelling brand stories and positioning to connect with consumers, advocate for agriculture, and achieve tangible outcomes.

3. Five Marketing Tools To Change Your Ranching Operation's Profitability

Discover the essential marketing tools - many that are 100% free - that can revolutionize your ranching business and boost profitability.

4. Social Media Trends in Agriculture

Navigating the ever-changing landscape of social media to leverage its power for your agricultural enterprise.

5. Farm to Table: A Guide to Starting Your Beef Business

A comprehensive guide to launching and running a successful farm-to-table beef business, from pasture to plate. This presentation is great for beef cattle organizations to discuss a way to diversify the farm income by offering direct to consumer beef.

6. Ranching By Faith

This faith-based presentation is designed to uplight and encourage ranchers through the Cutrer family's personal journey from a completely non-existent brand to winning 2022 BIF Seedstock Producer of the Year. Rachel will share Bible scriptures, faith-based examples, and an uplifting message of positivity and faith in your ranching journey. Brandon Cutrer is also available for this presentation.

7. From 0 to 600 acres in A Decade: 

How First Generation Agriculturalists Can Survive and Thrive

Insights and strategies for first-generation agriculturalists looking to overcome challenges and build a thriving farming legacy.

8. Seedstock Marketing for the Modern Era

This presentation is very specialized towards purebred livestock producers. It focuses on the skills and tools needed to effectively promote a purebred livestock operation.

9. Women in Agriculture: Finding Your Purpose and Passion

This presentation is designed for young ladies or adult women in agriculture. It's a presentation that mixes professional development and living by faith for women in agriculture.

These are just some of the brands I've worked with.


Why Choose Rachel Cutrer as Your Keynote Speaker?

Passion and Expertise

Rachel's passion for agriculture is contagious, and her extensive knowledge of the industry ensures that her presentations are both engaging and informative. Rachel's authentic experience living and working daily on a purebred cattle operation in Texas makes her very relatable for many audiences. 

Industry Insights

With her finger on the pulse of the agricultural and livestock sectors, Rachel delivers up-to-date information and practical advice that resonates with your audience. Her marketing insights are based on the daily activities of Ranch House Designs where she represents the top agricultural brands in the USA. 

Engaging Storytelling

Rachel's ability to weave personal anecdotes and real-life experiences from her 40+ years of experience in the ranching lifestyle into her presentations makes her an engaging and relatable speaker.


Rachel can tailor her presentations to address the specific needs and interests of your conference attendees, ensuring maximum relevance and impact.

Don't miss the opportunity to elevate your agricultural or livestock conference with Rachel Cutrer as your keynote speaker.

Contact us today to book Rachel for your event and inspire your audience with her knowledge, passion, and captivating presence. Together, we can make your conference an unforgettable experience for all attendees.