the pioneer And National Authority of Agricultural web design

Rachel Cutrer, an esteemed American businesswoman and visionary rancher, proudly stands at the forefront of agricultural web design. In 1999, Rachel embarked on an audacious journey, laying the foundation of Ranch House Designs—a venture that has since blossomed into the world leader in purebred livestock marketing and a driving force in rural business marketing. As the CEO and original pioneer of the company, Rachel's unwavering dedication has propelled Ranch House Designs to unparalleled heights, setting a new standard of excellence in rural marketing.

A visionary legacy

With a visionary mindset, Rachel crafted the concept and vision of Ranch House Designs in 1999, back when Facebook didn't even exist and websites were still hand-coded by html. With a visionary mindset and a trailblazing spirit, Rachel's contributions to the industry have redefined the art of branding and advertising for rural businesses. Her legacy as one of the most creative agricultural marketing professionals of the last two decades is etched in the hearts of those who have had the privilege of partnering with Ranch House Designs. 

Setting the benchmark for excellence

Rachel epitomizes the very essence of rural entrepreneurship, embodying the spirit of innovation and determination in every endeavor she undertakes. In 2019, she and her husband Brandon embarked on an equally impressive new venture: founding their first-generation BRC Ranch. From the inception of her own ranch in 2019, which has now soared to become one of the world's most renowned Brahman cattle operations, to the establishment of a brick and mortar retail farm-to-table store in the heart of her hometown's historic downtown square, Rachel's journey is a testament to her unwavering passion for rural business.

With her hands-on experience in nurturing nine different rural businesses alongside her husband, Rachel understands the pulse of marketing products in rural America like no other. She lives and breathes the very essence of rural entrepreneurship every single day, and this hands-on approach infuses her marketing strategies with unmatched authenticity.

Through her pioneering spirit, Rachel has honed a deep understanding of what truly works in promoting rural brands, fueling her expertise in crafting innovative marketing solutions that resonate with the heart and soul of rural communities. Her success stories transcend mere marketing theories; they are born from the reality of her own entrepreneurial journey.

A global ranching icon

As co-owner and co-general manager of B.R. Cutrer Ranch, one of the leading Brahman cattle operations worldwide, Rachel's influence extends across the globe. She is considered one of the most significant female Brahman cattle breeders in history, and is a highly sought after judge of Brahman cattle on a worldwide level, frequently traveling to Mexico, Central America and South America to judge Brahman cattle.


A trailblazer in education

Rachel's contributions to the agricultural industry extend to academia, where she authored three college textbooks for agricultural marketing and over twenty children's books that beautifully depict the ranching lifestyle.

Holding a B.S. in Animal Science from Texas A&M University and an M.S. in Agricultural and Extension Education from Michigan State University, and a certificate in Women's Leadership from Cornell University, Rachel's academic prowess complements her industry expertise.

An Empowered Spokeperson

As a passionate advocate for agriculture and the beef industry, Rachel takes the stage as a keynote speaker at prestigious events like the Beef Cattle Short Course, NCBA Cattle Industry Convention, and more.

A Firm Believer in the Power of Family

The devoted wife of Brandon Cutrer and loving mother to their two beautiful daughters, Rachel takes the utmost care to honor her heritage while creating a new legacy for both the agriculture industry, and her family. 

While Rachel is internationally recognized as a business powerhouse, she believes that the most important job she has is the work done within the four walls of the Cutrer home. That's why despite a busy working mom schedule, she makes a commitment to personally pick up her kids at school each and every day, and to be actively present in raising her daughters to be kind, happy, considerate young people who live in a home full of love and joy with Jesus as the center of the home. 

Gifts & Values

Rachel also honors and cherishes diversity. From growing up in the cattle working pens, to spending time in meat packing plants across the U.S., to facilitating international business deals - sometimes it's not easy being a woman in the agricultural industry. Rachel believes that each person has a God-given gift that makes them unique, and makes them valuable. She look forward to the opportunity to see those great things in each person she meets and has the honor to work with.
Pictured: The Brahman Foundation Youth Camp Dinner, hosted by Brandon and Rachel Cutrer

Photo Gallery

Brandon and Rachel judging the National Junior Hereford Showmanship Contest
Rachel named Outstanding Young Alumni, Texas A&M University Animal Science
The Cutrer family receiving the award for Brahman Miss World for their Brahman female, BRC Boom Shaka Laka 21/8.
2020 Recipients of the BRC Beyond the Banners Scholarship

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