I'm Rachel.

A Texan with a modern vision for a historic industry.


The best in agriculture is yet to come.

Over a hundred years ago, my great-great-great-grandmother, Rachel Hudgins, survived the Runaway Scrape, and as a single mother and widow, built a ranching stronghold in Wharton County that still stands today. Today's ranchers and land-owners face their own battles that are different, no less challenging. I cherish history and heritage - but I also believe innovation is the key to future success. Through faith, courage, and hard work - I believe agriculture's best days are still yet to come. By opening our gates to change, expanding our horizons to strategic visions for the future, and to rolling up our sleeves and working together - we will build a better future for generations to come. We simply have to choose to do it.

Promoting the Ag Industry

For the Future of my Family and Yours

Rachel Cutrer is no stranger to hard work and innovation. She founded the global ag-marketing agency, Ranch House Designs, when she was only a sophomore at Texas A&M. Today that agency is one of Wharton County's largest employers and serves thousands of ranchers and businesses worldwide. She also isn't scared to take risks - but always accompanies those risks with solid strategy, a game plan, and follow-through. Rachel shares this passion through her books, speaking engagements, and industry leadership.

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When you love something with all of your heart, you work hard to promote it, with everything you have.

Rachel Cutrer

For the Future of my Family and Yours